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2022-25 Unit C contract (PDF)

2021-24 Unit A contract (PDF)

Unit D contract (PDF)

Agreement that maternity/paternity leaves no longer are required to end at the finish of a marking term. Also guarantees up to 5 half-days of paid transition for educators at all grade levels
2021-24 Unit B contract (PDF)

How to challenge your seniority listing
ESE regulations on evaluations Information on health insurance changes Link to ESE regulations Link to Mass. General Laws applying to public education
General interest An explanation of the grievance process.* (PDF)
An explanation of the uses of your dues within our WEA.* (PDF) Negotiations Status Center Documents and summary of the MMSI grant promoting Advanced Placement courses at Wareham High School.* Building representative guide* (PDF) WEA Documents WEA Bylaws* (PDF) Meeting Documents (all in PDF format) Newsletters and Board Meeting Agendas from this year.* Newsletters and Board Meeting Agendas from Sept. 2012 to June 2016.*