WEA Vacancies

Engage your Union

As the header of this site reads, we are stronger together. The WEA is at its strongest when every vacancy below is filled. These positions offer a variety of stipends and commitments, but all offer a way to help all Wareham educators better their practice and maintain their professional rights. If a post interests you, please contact us for more information. Related is this list of current WEA officeholders.

Urgent Vacancies

  • Ways and Means Director (1 vacancy):  This position shall plan the social, service, professional, and fund-raising activities of the Association.   The director can assemble a team of volunteers as needed and maintain accurate records of any meetings the team holds.  The director shall also report any fundraising to the association and immediately transfer any fund-raising monies to the Treasurer.  The director shall prepare and present reports to the executive Board and submit a report to the secretary.
  • Health and Safety Director (1 vacancy):  The director shall protect the health and safety of the members in as far as possible by identifying concerns/potential hazards and bringing them to the attention of the appropriate persons for resolution.  The director should also attend health and safety conferences whenever possible and maintain records of all meetings. The director will also track membership in the WEA sick banks and maintain reports for WEA Sick Banks to be posted annually by the Clerk (Superintendent) and submit copies to the Secretary. The director will also oversee WEA Sick Bank representatives, noting term limits and/or the need for representatives. The director will also prepare and present reports to the Executive Board and submit a report to the Secretary.
  • PCEA representatives (2 vacancies): PCEA representatives attend monthly meetings (held virtually and in person) of our county association, participate in one PCEA committee, and convey information back to Wareham at WEA board meetings.  A prominent duty is coordinating nominations of members for awards given by the PCEA and attendance at the annual awards celebration. The position is stipended by PCEA for meetings attended and is named by vote of the WEA board.

In addition, volunteers are always welcome in the following groups that have only occasional meetings as needed. Some have limitations on number from each building, inquire for more information:

Academic ReviewDiscuss non-contractual issues such as curriculum, team-building, etc.
CommunicationsImprove communications between leadership and members of the WEA.
Professional Rights and ResponsibilitiesEnsure respect of contractual obligations by administration and members, and execute the process when those obligations are unmet.
NegotiationsDiscuss impacts of changes to work conditions and approaches to settling these issues with administration.
Health & SafetyDiscuss issues affecting members’ and students’ health and safety on school property.
ScholarshipRaise funds and bestow merit awards to members’ children and deserving Wareham graduates.
Ways and MeansPlan social and professional events of the WEA, such as recognition of retirees or welcoming of new members.
HearingDeal with very occasional disputes within the WEA. Appointment is by president with board ratification.