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The official seniority lists is used as a basis for Reductions in Force and other significant personnel moves was released on February 8. According to Article XXXII§C(2) in the Unit A and C contracts, all challenges must be submitted in writing by March 9th.
It is the responsibility of the member to do the following:

  1. Check that your seniority is correct on the Units A & B or Unit C list.
  2. File any challenge in writing by March 9 -- see below.

Checking your place on the seniority list:

  • If you were active throughout the past school year as a full-time educator on continuous service, your seniority should be what was on last year's list plus one year.
  • If you were active for only some of the past school year (due to a leave of absence), your additional seniority would be less. XXXVIII§
    • Note: educators recalled after a RIF are considered to have been on a leave of absence during the period of non-employment XXXII§F5
  • If you were active as a part-time or job-sharing educator, your seniority would be pro-rated. XXXII§B2(a) and XXXIII§C
  • If you completed time teaching a different discipline of the list (a new subject or level), your name should be on the new section of the list in addition to the older section, all reflecting your new seniority. XXXII§C(1)

Challenging your place on the seniority list:
Send identical emails or letters via inter-office mail to WPS Superintendent Kimberly Shaver-Hood and WEA President Brian Fitzgerald. Please include the listing for your name on the released seniority list, what you believe it should be, and the reason for the challenge. Challenges will be considered per the collaborative procedure set out in Article XXXII, Section F2 in early March.

A challenge may -- but is not required to -- take the following form:

Dr. Shaver-Hood and President Fitzgerald,

I am challenging the listing of ________ on the Unit __ seniority list released in February 2018. I believe that the seniority should read ____ in the ___ discipline because ___ .


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