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Changes to Our Health Insurance

Two Memoranda of Agreement have been signed between the Public Employee Committee (including the WEA President representing the Association's members) and the Town of Wareham.

The first (PDF) is to bring the Town of Wareham's health insurance management under the Mayflower Municipal Health Group, and away from the Town of Wareham. This will reduce risk of a shortfall in funds, increase oversight, and lower costs for all parties. Doing so also extended the first MoA into 2020.

The second agreement (PDF) signed between the Public Employee Committee (including the WEA President representing the Association's members) and the Town of Wareham. Terms are listed below:

  1. The Town and employees agree to the following percentage contribution amounts for health insurance for active employees and retired employees that are enrolled in the non-Medicare health insurance plans. Medicare eligible retirees enrolled in the Medicare Supplement plans will continue to pay 25% for the duration of the agreement. The proposed contribution amounts will become effective July 1, 2013 and will be adjusted on July 1, 2014, and will continue until June 30, 2019.
  2. The Town of Wareham agrees to adopt MGL 32B, Section 19. Specific wording regarding a sunset clause for Section 19 will be included in the final draft agreement.
  3. No plan design changes will be made to the plans offered to active and non-Medicare eligible retirees during the term of the agreement.
  4. The town/participant division of health care premiums forthose enrolled in health insurance and non-medicare eligible retirees (Blue Care Elect, Network Blue, Harvard Pilgrim EPO) will be as follows:
    • Year 1: 7/1/2013-6/30/2014: 70%/30%
    • Years 2-6: 7/1/2014-6/30/2109: 67.5%/32.5%
  5. [Note: The more recent MoA extends this until 6/30/2020]
  6. No plan design changes will be made to the Medicare Supplement plans with the exception of the BCBS Medex prescription drug plan. The Medex III plan will eliminate the current drug plan that includes 80%/20% coinsurance for brand-name drugs, and replace it with a different plan minimizing brand-name prescription costs.
  7. The HPHC Medicare Enhance plan will have no plan design changes.
  8. The Town agrees to complete a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the non-Medicare plans and will provide the Public Employee Committee (PEC) with a copy of the RFP prior to releasing the bid. In addition, the Town will provide the PEC with a complete summary of the RFP results for their review and include them in any finalist meetings. The RFP should include proposals for the following:
    • Self-insured with stop loss to Tufts, BCBS and HPHC
    • Fully insured to Tufts, BCBS and HPHC
    • Purchasing Groups such as Mayflower or the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group
    • Any other vendors or purchasing groups that are appropriate for Wareham
  9. The Town will provide the PEC with a full reporting of claims, administration, and other costs relating to the health insurance plans on a quarterly basis. These reports will also be provided to the designated consultant for the PEC. The PEC will provide the Town with the format and information to be required in the reports.
  10. The Town will adopt guidelines for managing the health insurance Trust. The guidelines will include all the key factors as previously provided in the City of Boston agreement.
  11. A PDF of the copy of the final agreement will be made available as soon as it is received. For reference, earlier developments through the history of these negotiations are available at a historical page.

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