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    Is it safe to return?

    Indictors taken from WEA Proposal

    Criterion to return
    Current status
    1. <10 cases per 100K residents for 3wks straight in EMS Region 5NOT METHarvard Univ.
    2. Rate of transmission is < 1.0 for 6 of 7 past workdaysNOT METAFT
    3. DESE offices are open to the publicNOT METDESE
    4. Health and Safety items identified by the WEA in our checklist have been addressedNOT METMTA / WEA
    5. A month's supply of Personal Protective Equipment in each buildingMETWEA
    1. Updated in weekly DPH guidance. | 2. link | 3. Link, right columnUpdated 1/11/20, will update upon next change

    We, the members of the Wareham Education Association, in order to improve the quality of education and to elevate the character and status of the teaching profession, meet as an association to create a deeper sense of the dignity of the profession and the importance of the interests which it represents, act as the agent of educators in providing opportunities for conferences and unity of effort in matters of common interest, increase the efficiency of education as a public service in the Town of Wareham, encourage an independent united teaching profession, and act as the exclusive bargaining agent to the Wareham School Committee.

     Adapted from the Bylaws of the WEA.

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