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Pre-completed Cover Sheets

In recognition of the additional burden placed on members by this new evaluation system, the WEA is seeking to simplify the process by offering these cover sheets that have already been partially completed. When you download them in Microsoft Word format, you will see a number of indicators in our system that can be demonstrated with these documents many members already possess. The language is directly taken from the rubrics to ensure a clear fit to the criteria by which Unit A members are evaluated. However, before using them, please read the following:

  • These sheets have not been pre-approved by administration.
  • These sheets are not complete. At the very least, they need the addition of your personal information at the top.
  • Specific detail is missing from these sheets. Your strongest artifacts will include the unique work you completed to futher your students' education.
  • These sheets are meant for a variety of uses. Please add or delete anything written on them that does not apply

Now that all the warnings have been aired, please download, modify, and share these sheets. If you have any suggestions for other artifacts that need a pre-completed cover sheet, please send us your ideas.

Pre-completed cover sheets for:

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